KC exhibition hall

Location: SCALA FRANKFURTKC Exhibition Hall, SCALA

KAISER&CREAM Exhibition Hall - Frankfurt City-West

15th floor, Solmsstrasse 83, 60486 Frankfurt Main



11.4. - 16.4. 2010 | Frankfurt am Main | Light Art  Festival

Luminale Art Projects:

Daniel Sauter und Fabian Winkler /USADaniel Sauter und Fabian Winkler /USA: 

‘In the Line of Sight’ consists of 100 computer-controlled military torches, which project low resolution video images of suspicious movements as circles of light. On entering the light projection visitors experience the power and dynamics of the deconstructed pictures of light. www.inthelineofsight.org 


Kurt Laurenz Theinert, Lichtkunst /DEUTSCHLANDKurt Laurenz Theinert, Lichtkunst /DEUTSCHLAND: 

Light and sound installations are always developed for the respective venue. Light is a medium that produces a precise, fleeting event in space. This installation explores the relationship of single light events ‘individuals’ to the whole or a field ‘group’. Each light element has its own very regular flashing rythm. www.theinert-lichtkunst.de


Mary-Anne Kyriakou /AUSTRALIENMary-Anne Kyriakou /AUSTRALIEN:  

The installation focuses on our perception providing a reflective tranquility in a spiritually insightful ambience, it provides particular experience of light and sound which both emerge in the phenomenal and uncontaminated substance, subsequently and in its second layer of appearance, the installation emerges as a well designed composition suggesting an imaginative futuristic urban landscape. The music composition created for the installation has a feeling of early Byzantine music from the hypnotic drone and modes. The instrumentation is for guitar, keyboard and marimba.


Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter /AUSTRALIENRuth McDermott und Ben Baxter /AUSTRALIEN:

Throughout the world bats fly through the night, above towns and villages to find food. People react differently to bats. Bats play a major role in our ecosystem. www.ruthmcdermott.com


Peter Volz / Susanne Spreng/ DEUTSCHLANDPeter Volz und Susanne Spreng/ DEUTSCHLAND:

Interactive Light and Reading Installation. www.beisaite.de


22quadrat/ DEUTSCHLAND22quadrat/ DEUTSCHLAND:

A lyrical Cycle borrowed from Paul Celan A metaphor for a light installation. Frankfurt/M.: streets, rows of houses in the dark. Floors of buildings. Rows of storeys. Light blazing out of the dark, a glaring white spot, a cold flare. Pools of light in the blackness. It is almost impossible to stand in the direct field of light. White shining. Outshining. Closed eyes. Heat. White noise. Light compulsion – light flooding – space flooding. How much light can be constrained in one square metre?







F A S H I O N  C I T Y  W E S T

Fair for contemporary design arts furniture

official Website:  www.fashioncitywest.de

Sponsoring: Fritz KolaWeingut GehringAngel DrinksSeitz & Co



Location: SCALA FRANKFURTimpressionen FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen der FCWImpressionen FCWImpression Weingut Gehring


list of exhibitors FCW:

38317 und superstolk (berlin/offenbach)

431art (frankfurt am main)

das komitee (münchen)

die kleidmanufaktur (kronberg im taunus)

eduard howhannisjan (mannheim)

elli’s design schneiderei (frankfurt am main)

erika hendrix (mannheim)

freebase sneakers (frankfurt am main)

gessweingrafix (ostfildern)

johannes gonné design (darmstadt)

krumnikl environment (weinheim)

lili maras (frankfurt am main)

lockstoff (frankfurt am main)

mahel lederdesign (reichelsheim)

qed design (aschaffenburg)

ralf kopp (frankfurt am main)

savee couture (los angeles)

schwarz pelze (frankfurt am main)

style by loquita (pfungstadt)

u&mg fashion (gückingen)

valeskas hüte (florstadt)